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My musical life has been eclectic. As a result, I truly believe that music belongs to everyone and that it is an integral part of humanity. Music is infinite -it has no boundaries, only ones we create when we try to define "music."

Come watch the YouTube videos or follow me on instagram if you are interested in:

-the concept of music;

-expanding and exploring the boundaries of music;

-a life lived in music.

I share some of my music: cover songs, music I have written, stories of my lived musical experience. There are curated videos exploring the many ways of music. There are guidelines and videos on how to use music in your own life, based on my work as a music therapist.

My music life:

-studying classical piano starting age 3

-playing flute and violin in high school, piano in the jazz band and for musicals

-Bachelor, theory & composition

-Bachelor, music therapy

-32 year private practice in music therapy

-Master's, music education

-studied jazz piano with Grant Graham

-PhD, music research

-published MT author