About Kerry

Kerry has worked as a music therapist since 1989.

*Bachelor Music Composition & Theory

*Bachelor of Music Therapy

*Masters of Music Education

*PhD, Music Research

*Author of: "A History of the Music Therapy Profession: Diverse Practices and Concepts."

Recent Publication: Considering Abrams' "McMusicTherapy McMarketing" article: A personal reflection," Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy, 20(3). DOI: 10.15845/voices.v20i3.3028

To date, Kerry has provided services for:

Children and Teens with:

*language needs

*hearing impariment

*Rett Syndrome

*Autism / PDD

*Down's Syndrome

*learning disabilities

*"at risk," requiring enhanced environments nad educational supports

*fragile medical condition

*Sotos Syndrome

*Angelman Syndrome

*developmental disabilities

Adults with:

*brain injury

*in a coma

*diagnosed with cancer

*supportive services for those with cardiac issues


*needing support with relaxation and stress management

Additional Areas of Work:

*medical visits and intervention support (dentist, surgical, EEGs, optometry)

*grief issues

*ESL needs

Kerry talks about her professional career.

Kerry's Other Professional Activities

-Published : A history of the music therapy profession: Diverse practices and concepts (2016)

-published two book chapters and various journal articles

-President Music Therapy Association of Ontario (MTAO) (6 years)

-MTAO representative, Coalition of Mental Health Practitioners

-MTAO representative, Ontario Music ducators Association

-Committee member, Spiritual and Ethics Committee of the Thames Valley District Health Council

-Board member, Spiritual Providers Net work of Cancer Care, SW Region, Ontario

-Graduate Student Representative, Univeristy of Western Ontario Research Board

-member of Libro's 2020 Social Enterprise Incubator at Innovation Works

-MT internship supervisor

-presentations and workshops: local, regional, national, international

-numerous clinical program evaluation research projects

-choir director for a community choir (of non-musicians)

-music director of "Singing in the Rain", Original Kids Theatre Company

-songwriting and recording